Hi my name is German I'm 17 years old and I mostly blog about music but sometimes I'll try to be funny, not sure if I succeed. I love Annie Clark, Elizabeth Sankey,Florence Welch, Susanne Sundfor, Brad Oberhofer, Patrick Carney, and Mark Pontius more than I love myself.





why are girls expected to go through an experimental lesbian phase but u never hear about dudes goin gay for a while whats up w/ that

cause that would be realllllly weird, unlike girls doing it. guys actually like when girls do it. 

do me a favor and staple all your fingertips together

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i love boys with with really strong accents like irish or scottish. i don’t have a clue what they’re saying. i love it. i hate hearing a coherent boy. i don’t actually care about what you have to say.

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Lana Del Rey | Angels Forever, Forever Angels

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all in white // the vaccines

lord, i know your type
i’ve known you all my life
i was always wrong, you all in white

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this is a goddamn national travesty

FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if you like Benedict Cumberbatch or not, but I need EVERYONE READING THIS to click on this link, scroll down to laverne cox (or just ctrl+f her name) and click YES on her voting!!!!! it’ll make you sign in with either facebook or twitter, but it is instant one-click signing in, and they don’t post anything on your profile. it’s just for verification purposes so 4chan doesn’t fix the voting again like they did a few years ago.

DO IT!!!!!

Don’t make an excuse. It’ll take like thirty seconds. Just do it.

eh, i dont see anything that incredible from her, Cumberbatch is Khan, a Dragon, and fucking Sherlock Holmes all in one, plus hes a noted Philanthropist, being involved in things like “the princes trust” and hes also an LGBT advocate…

  1. he is not an LGBT advocate because he fucking misgenders trans people
  2. he is a “philanthropist” because his rich family owned slaves
  3. laverne cox is absolutely incredible
  4. fuck you, also